Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yarnbombing: Fugly as I wanna be!

Some of the reasons that Yarnbombing is so cool:
-you can "be productive" and get something done and up and have that feeling of accomplishment
-you can adorn the (urban) landscape with your craftiness and entertain yourself while you're at it
-you can use up pieces of that nasty old stash of yarn that has been kicking around forever

This piece is something that I've had finished for ages but have considered it to be completely FUGLY in every sense of the word.
I never liked that pink yarn, and even though it's a nice brand, "Philosopher's Wool", it has always really turned me off colourwise.
Plus, I have gobs and gobs of the stuff still leftover.

So I decided to get it done and get it up.
Then I stashed it away for several months. Then I just decided to get it up and not worry about it anymore.
I hope that someone enjoys the work. I'm over it.

If you're interested in checking out the Yarnbombing ladies, they'll be at Word on the Street tomorrow at 1:00 pm. Head down to Library Square to say hello. Maybe I'll be there too.


  1. i love the fugly salmon pink color of your knit up and this work has got loads of work in it - be proud (even if you are soooo over it) wish it were in MY neighborhood
    i would give it the lovin attention it so ripely deserves

  2. and now the Yarnbombing blog has your fugly bit of loveliness up on their blog - knit girl, fugly rules!!

  3. Oooooer I looove it!

    My tags are always fricking atrocious... but I figure it draws attention. heh.

  4. I really liked this one :) but then I am into fugly as much as snuggly cute.