Saturday, January 23, 2010

DIY night at the MOV

There was a lively turn out for the DIY night at the Museum of Vancouver on Thursday night.
It was great to see so many familiar faces, and everyone seemed enthusiastic about knitting, and having a bevvie.

Definitely, one of the stars of the show was this ball of Woodward's Sport Yarn. More than one person exclaimed that it would be travelling home with them in their bag following the event.
It was more than ok with me. Check out the mound of yarn that we had to work with. There was even a small, unfinished cardigan that somehow ended up in the giant yarn stash. No one seemed enthusiastic about finishing it though. Can you blame them? The stuff of nightmares, this finishing of other people's half constructed projects.

It was also great to see my favourite Yarnbombing ladies Mandy and Leanne. It had been FAR TOO LONG since we'd been in touch. Hopefully we can get together soon!!

Thanks to Keith for these couple of photos, and for really giving knitting a go.
It is possible for anyone to learn. Or should I say almost anyone. Maybe it's just that I'm not a great teacher, but even casting on was a challenge for me to convey to some people.
Maybe it's just my particular method. There must be an easier way than the one I was trying.

Thanks to everyone who worked so co-operatively to share their skills with the newbies. It was a good time!! There might even be another event like this in my future. Must check out a new way of casting on before then.