Sunday, November 28, 2010

Not much to say really.
If you enjoy the institution of the public post office, maybe you'd consider using it a bit more this holiday season.

You know what they say...use it or lose it.


  1. I do my bit! I think the women at my post office might be my only real life social interaction these days.

  2. Hi-

    I came across your blog while doing some work on Strathcona ( I linked to your blog, and hopefuly that's ok. If you want me to take it down just tell me. If you want some changes in the link, let me know. Anyway, check it out.

  3. Hey,

    My name is John Moore and I am producing a feature length documentary about Yarn Graffiti and Yarn Instillation art around the world. After reading the book "Yarn Bombing", my director (Sarah Gonzalez) and I became big fans of your projects.

    We are from Austin, TX in the US so our primary subject has been Magda Seyag. However, we are trying to branch out to all different styles. We wil be making our way to Vancouver in the Early Fall. Would you be interested in being interviewed for our project?

    Here is the link to our website: We launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign for our doc, which can be seen here:

    It is a pleasure to meet you and I hope to talk to you soon.


    John Moore

    P.S. would like to be included on our mailing list?