Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Some Rad Inspiration

I happened upon this wonderful sight originally through the Yarnbombing page, but had to return to check on the progress of this fantastic Trailer Park Boys piece.
Isn't it awesome?!?!
It's also an exercise in breaking out your interpretive skills, or so I found when I was facing 4 shades of grey and my own instincts, which I mostly don't give enough credit.

I had to send an enthusiastic shoutout to Knitified for this.
I have really not been doing much new stuff for the streets.
I did manage to hammer something up a couple of weeks ago, but mostly, have been working on socks.
I can't sit still, so socks it is.
And as I've nearly finished a pair already, I can see how addictive they might become. I have much to aspire to. Check out these mad skillz.

Plus this gave me another excuse to post my Magnum Opu, to this day, which is the shoutout to Redrum. It's sad that I gave it away, but I know that he loves it, so that makes me feel good.

...and now to finish my socks and reknit the ripped off Olympic symbol.

moving on. thanks Knitified.

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