Saturday, November 28, 2009


I made a protest post it note to tack up the local market.
It's like preaching to the converted, but hey, whatever, it was fun.

It was also my first foray into embroidery, which was interesting. I don't know that I LOVE it, but I do love the work created by my virtual friend "cauchy09". She has a Spam Stitchery set that is to absolutely die for.
Seiously, check it out.

And make your own protest post-it message to send to our out of touch Government.
In these tough economic times, blah blah blah...has become an excuse for EVERYTHING.


  1. Maybe you should send one to Gordo. I like the "Hello neighbours" notice. Too bad they don't have our Postie'. She kicks azz.

  2. This is great!