Friday, October 16, 2009

Tape loop

I want to poke myself in the head with my knitting needles.

At the moment, I am working on this very lovely skeleton lace that I found here.
It is just so nice and something that I've never done before. It perfectly rides the line between little old ladyish and cool. It is detailed, and fine, and oh so darn frustrating.

I'm working on something for a trade, and it seems just the thing.
IF I can finish it.

First I started one in white, like the photograph, but I am such an obsessive freak about it being perfect, that it now sits half completed and without needles on top of the piano.
How very little old ladyish of me.

Now I am working on a black one which was shaping up quite nicely until I started to lose my mind.

You know how it is. You're clicking along at a fine pace, making progress, then you realize that you've dropped a stitch about 10 rows back and because the thing is lacey and foreign and like those bracketed math problems, you start to drive yourself crazy with time consuming stitch counting and ripping and placing stitches back onto the needles and such. etc etc

At this point, I've been knitting for hours and hours and I have less work done than when I started this morning. Primarily because I ripped everything out in an agro knitting huff.
I am the Joe Pesci of knitters sometimes. It feels like Groundhog day. I just cannot look at the thing again tonight. Or maybe tomorrow.


  1. oh that is cool! I get like this with embroidery, spending hours doing a small section and then pulling all the stitches in a fit of stitch rage.

  2. oh, i am sooo the same way - especially when it comes to a lace pattern where the mistakes just loom out at you. my best plan of attack has been to rip and immediately begin knitting once again - sometimes startingly into the wee hours, being vigilant and mindful against mistakes this time around
    desperate to regain all the ground i have lost before my insanity hits me

  3. Wow, I lOVE this. I would never have the patience but WOW.